Western Cheap Bin Hire offers the cheapest way to get rid of garden waste. We specialise in green skip bins to help you remove any green waste. Whether you need to get rid of lawn clippings, twigs, branches, leaves and more, we know how easy it is for that pile to build up so we offer a cost-effective solution that lets you remove waste efficiently and sustainably. If you’d like an affordable garden skip bin that lets you easily take care of green waste and garden waste for your home or business, book your bin with Western Cheap Bin Hire. Take care of your green rubbish removal with us today for the best bin prices in Melbourne. 

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Garden Skip Bin For Homeowners and Business Owners

Do you need a garden rubbish removal near me? Convenient, practical and affordable, we can help you get rid of any of the following green waste with our garden skip bins made especially for homeowners and businesses:

  • Tree branches/sticks
  • Leaves
  • Shrubbery
  • Wood chips/untreated timber
  • Light green waste
  • Soil

Specify your waste removal needs from green waste pickup to light mixed waste to skip hire and hard rubbish and we can manage your waste effectively with our choice of skip bins. Depending on how much green waste you need to get rid of, we can offer our removal bin trucks, or set you up with a green waste bin. We can help you get rid of lawn clippings, loose bark, weeds, branches, sticks, trees to floral decorations, hedge trimmings and Christmas trees. Green waste materials can include just about anything that comes from your backyard or garden. If you’re unsure if your waste falls into this category, simply consult our team when you make your garden skip hire booking.

Why Choose Western Cheap Bin Hire For Your Garden Skip Bin

Western Cheap Bin Hire offers the best garden skip bins for Melbourne homes and businesses. The following are some reasons why our green bin hire remains the top pick when it comes to your waste removal needs:

Diverse Range Of Products

Our diverse range of products makes your cleanups easy, cost-friendly and problem-free. Our various bin sizes allow you to sort out various types of waste and remove them sustainably.

Value For Money

Cost-effective and reliable, we’re the aussie best skip bin hire for garden, green and organic waste. We allow homeowners and business owners to get rid of as much waste as they need affordably.

Easy Online Booking

Order our garden bins online. Finalise your delivery and collection times easily with our online booking system and enjoy a fast turnaround for your green skip hire.


Eco-friendly Recyclable Practices

You can’t simply put lawn clippings, branches and leaves into the trash as green waste can become a hazard when handled incorrectly. We help you get rid of these risks and handle waste responsibly with our eco-friendly recyclable practices.

Book Your Garden Skip Bin Online With Our Team Today

Garden waste can catch fire, contaminate water, block drains and damage biodiversity when not disposed of properly. As your local green skip bin hire, Western Cheap Bin Hire offers garden skip bins for homes and businesses in Melbourne to sort out any garden or backyard waste. From tip skips to budget green skips, our green skip bin will make your clean-up stress-free. Cost and time-saving, our services are reliable, offering your job the care and attention it needs each time. Book your garden bin with us today.


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