Are you cleaning up your home or office? When you’re decluttering your space to get your property looking fresh and new, removing your rubbish can become a major source of stress. Don’t worry, Western Cheap Bin Hire can help you with our cheap mini skip for hire when it comes to any household or commercial waste. They come in various sizes for different waste types, allowing you to get rid of your knick knacks and assorted items the right way. We also offer 100% recyclable waste practices to help you remove waste sustainably. Book your bin with us today.

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Cheap Mini Skip Hire For Homeowners And Businesses

Sometimes you need to get rid of waste on short notice. Have you been looking for a cheap mini skip hire near me? Whether you’re gearing up for a new tenant or an employee, renovating your rooms for a project or simply doing some spring cleaning of your own, our cheap mini skips Melbourne service helps you get rid of any old, unneeded items to create space on your property. Affordable, reliable and professional, book your delivery and collection times easily with Western Cheap Bin Hire.

Why Choose Western Cheap Bin Hire’s Mini Skip Bins

At Western Cheap Bin Hire, we can help you get rid of as much or as little waste as you need efficiently at the most affordable prices. Here are some reasons why we come so highly recommended among Melbourne homes and businesses:

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Waste Practices

We help you get rid of as much waste as you need sustainably with our 100% eco-friendly recyclable waste practices.

Value For Money

We offer a fair price when it comes to your skip bins. With upfront competitive quotes and a diverse range of products, you won’t get better value for your money than with Western Cheap Bin Hire.

Easy Online Booking

Need your delivery and collection times sorted out quickly? We offer easy online bookings and fast turnaround for every job. Book your cheap mini skip bin with us today.


Excellent Customer Service

Known as the best provider of cost-effective skip hires to remove rubbish from your property, we offer excellent personalised customer service to accommodate your waste management needs.

Book Your Cheap Mini Skip With Western Cheap Bin Hire Online

Need a cheap mini skip at your property? Simply book your bin online with Western Cheap Bin Hire to enjoy excellent service at affordable prices. Our mini skip bins are meant to help you get rid of any waste you need quickly at fair prices. We can handle any waste type and sort out any manual handling issue to accommodate your exact needs.


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